Our Story

Our Story

We wanted to share the health giving properties of Avocado Oil with others

Our story came to fruition 20 years ago, in Tauranga. The Bay of Plenty is situated on the east coast of New Zealand’s north island. It’s renowned for having nutrient rich volcanic soil and a warm climate, which plays a pivotal role in growing the finest Haas avocados.

We had a vision to deliver the highest quality avocado oil and for food lovers to reap the health-giving benefits. We set our goal and with a dose of Kiwi ingenuity, innovation and hard work we began to press and extract the oily goodness from this superfood into its concentrated form.

We’re proud to be named the first producers of 100% natural, virgin cold-pressed avocado oil. Our world-class production process ensures that the oil extracted reaches your table at its purest. The delicate aroma, colour and distinct flavour cocoons the abundance of well-being benefits found in this nutrient dense oil – something we’re honoured to produce and share with the world.

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The Process

The team at Grove sources avocado fruit from fully certified suppliers in compliance with industry standards, established and monitored by the Avocado Industry Council. Grove have perfected the extraction of avocado oil by cold pressing in a single extraction to produce their extra virgin avocado oil.

Only the delicate flesh is used in the process resulting in a vibrant, green, pure oil which is then bottled into light sensitive glass bottles to preserve the freshness and flavour, and fitted with an easy pourer.

Our Quality Guarantee

The Grove Avocado Oil process of sourcing fruit from orchards, ripening, processing and bottling is managed under a stringent quality management system. Avocado Oil NZ Limited operates under a hazard analysis critical control point system (HACCP) food safety programme, which is audited annually and certified by SGS Australia Pty. Ltd. The SQF Certification is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Our oil is tested by an independent laboratory, and a certificate of analysis can be provided with a shipment on request. Grove Avocado Oil is also a registered member of the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS, Registration No. 000000592862).

The ongoing research, development and investment in technology together with global awareness around the avocado fruit has resulted in increased demand for avocado oil.

We proudly display the New Zealand FernMark. It directly connects our customers to the stories and products that make us part of New Zealand’s outstanding clean, green and sustainable global reputation.